Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
Graphics Tablet With Pen
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    CASE U Graphics Tablet With Pen (12 Inch) - Red (WP9620)

    ₹2,999 ₹4,999
    7 Days Replacement

    One-Year Limited Warranty

      CASE U WP9620 tablet with Pen for Drawing, Photo Editing, Mouse Replacement, Film Animation, Note Taking, E Signature, OSU Playing, Note Taking, and More. CASE U Tablet WP9620 comes with a stylus pen, allowing constant and uninterrupted drawing and writing. 


      • Five customizable hotkeys can be set to more functions than you want.
      • CASE U tablet is suitable for Drawing, PC, Digital Illustration, Online Teaching, and E-learning.
      • This graphic tablet is compatible with the most popular software.
      • You can inspire your inspiration while drawing your work.
      • Efficient operation, without the need to click the button, can accurately achieve the desired function.
      • Portable and lightweight, it is very easy to carry.

      This tablet has the function of handwriting input and pressure induction, with teaching software, it can be applied to online teaching; It is also applicable to drawing software.

      The handwriting will change in thickness or thickness or thickness with the control of the pressure applied by the digital pen. It simulates the strokes of pencils, markers, watercolors, brushes, and oil brushes. Also applicable to mobile phone or PC tablet drawing software.

        User Manual

        **Please read this user manual carefully before installing the device.


        **Please disable any antivirus or firewall software before beginning the installation.

        A handy creative tool

        Engineered for better convenience, WP-9620 is thin and lightweight, which makes it easy-to-carry for outdoor drawing.


        Innovated Graphics Tablet

        The new graphics tablet design of WP-9620 enables you to unleash creativity on the graphics tablet.

        Learn More

        Get ready and create

        Keys on the panel are also programmable via the driver. Just get your tablet ready to embrace your creativity.

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        Immersive drawing experience.

        Click light and heavy in turns with the stylus pen WP-9620 in your hand to see the variation of lines brought by 8192 pressure sensitivity levels. A dynamic brush combined with ±60° tilt support will bring the artist a more immersive drawing experience.

        High-Speed Smart Chip

        Built-in smart chip to ensure smooth painting. Smart repair brush and track sensor. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, and supports all kinds of remote teaching, animation design, clothing design, illustration, photo refinement, electronic approval, etc.

        Pen Holder

        WP-9620 aims to deliver you a better experience as it offers a unique pen holder. From the side of the tablet there is a convenient holder for a pen made of hard synthetic fabric.. The holder can hold the pen standing up or layed down on the side.

        Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

        Four anti-slip rubber feet attached to the graphics tablet not only ensure the stability, but also leave a gap between the tablet and the desk that prevents the graphics tablet from scratches when using the tablet.


        • What Is a Pressure Sensitive Stylus?

          As far as those occupational designers are concerned, although their daily creative work can be supported by various software's on the computer, including Photoshop, CorelDraw, Comic Studio, a more realistic way to visualize them is to draw with a pen. A pressure sensitive pen can render the images in your mind on a pen tablet or pen display, especially when you are drawing objects of complicated structure, because it just feels like drawing on a real paper.   

        • Difference between general digital pen and stylus pen?

          Different from the general digital pen, the pen nib of the pressure sensitive pen has pressure sensor which means a pressure sensitive pen can not only be used for writing but also can render lines of various shapes by applying different pressure to the pen nib. Normally, the higher the pressure sensitivity, the faster the pen responds to the changes in the users' pressure.

        • What is the active area in this graphics tablet?

          The Active Area is: 8.3 x 5.5inch | 210 x 140mm (PC/MAC)

        • Where can I download driver for this graphics tablet?

          Download the latest driver for your Graphics Tablet. Click Here

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