Discover the Advantages of Using a Graphic Tablet

on February 12, 2021

 case u graphics drawing tablet

I suppose that everyone in their professional life, while gaining experience in their field, also optimizes their resources so that their work is more efficient and simple in a natural way.

I mean, you end up optimizing your resources to be the best at what you like. In my case, I have always tried to work with the right equipment; among them, I use a good graphic tablet.


Today, We would like to talk about the advantages of using a graphics tablet.

I have been using a CASE U brand graphics tablet as a mouse replacement for over five years. Today I can't imagine working without it. It is a device that allows you to make drawings in any graphic editing program (Photoshop, Illustrator) thanks to an exact electronic pencil on a susceptible plastic surface.

To give you an idea, the tablet's surface or base represents the monitor, and the pen replaces the mouse.

case u graphics drawing tablet Now a graphic tablet not only serves to design programs and image editing, but you can also use it as any mouse (mouse) for all other programs. It fulfills the essential functions to point, drag, click, or double click where you want.


Benefits of Graphics Tablet

Imagine the possibilities you have, if instead of using a mouse you would use a pen, wouldn't it seem more natural to you to draw, make lines or retouch a photo?

Also, to most tablets, digital pens are pressure sensitive. If we draw with a pencil on paper, as you press more, the line is harder and press less; the line is more delicate, right? Well, on the tablet, it is the same. However, this pressure can be linked to one or more functionalities depending on the program used.
Another advantage of using a graphic tablet is the comfort and simplicity when making one or more free selections, if we use the mouse, the process is very unnatural, uncomfortable, and even clumsy.

While if we use the digital pen, the fluidity is almost absolute (obviously, it also depends on the computer's capacity). If we make points to anchor when vectorizing somehow, the pen is much simpler and faster.
Now, if you are thinking of acquiring your first graphic tablet, keep the size in mind. Do not rush to buy the largest one; probably a small one to start with will suit you better for simple maneuverability.
I recommend you take into account the type of monitor you have; adjusted the graphic tablet to your monitor's dimensions.

In short, if you are a graphic designer, I recommend that you take advantage of using a graphic tablet since with it, you will gain speed, precision, and comfort.

Thanks for reading.


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