Mobile & ipad Accessories

Item Warranty Period
Screen Protectors 3 months
Phone & iPad Cases 3 months
Stylus Pen (iPad) 6 months

**The Limited Warranty starts from the date of purchase.


Apple Watch Accessories

Item Warranty Period
Screen Protectors 3 months
Bands/Straps 6 months
Protective Case 6 months
Charging Docks 12 months

**The Limited Warranty starts from the date of purchase.


Bags & Sleeves

Item Warranty Period
Laptop Sleeves 6 months
Laptop Shoulder Bags 6 months
Laptop Messenger Bags 6 months
Laptop Backpack 6 months

**The Limited Warranty starts from the date of purchase.


Other Accessories

Item Warranty Period
Graphics Tablet 12 months
Webcams 3 months
MacBook Hard-shell Cases 3 months
Wallets (Credit card holders) 3 months
Invisible MacBook/Laptop Stands 3 months
Portable Mobile Phone Holders 3 months
Data Cables 3 months
Car Power Inverter 6 months

**The Limited Warranty starts from the date of purchase.

During the warranty period, if any product/accessory defect is inspected and confirmed by the CASE U, a free replacement service shall be provided.

1. This limited product warranty is valid only in India and not eligible for any international warranty. At the degree permitted by our law, CASE U may only execute the warranty service.

2. CASE U holds the right to conduct diagnostic tests on products returned by you to find or recognize the grounds of defects. Before returning any purchased product for replacement, you should remove all sorts of personal information from the product.

3. Prior to getting in touch with a CASE U executive, please make certain of the following information:

  • Provision of full address, contact information and other credentials required for a return/ replacement.
  • Purchase order number, a copy of your order receipt or original invoice.

4. This limited warranty does not cover the following:

  • If the product is indecipherable or has been transformed, defaced, omitted, altered, and/or tampered with.
  • If any combined accessory or external part of the product is misplaced.
  • Warranty does not takes into account the normal wear & tear, or decrease in product’s efficiency with regular usage.
  • It does not cover damage under severe circumstances, such as damage due to inopportune care (like accident, misappropriation or neglect) or damage instigated by acts of god such as floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.
  • If any damage is in/on outer surface of the product, other than cracks, dents or scratches on the exteriors.
  • For CASE U Band & Straps, it does not include the straps becoming dull or filthy with use or damaged due to contact with any kind of chemical agent, objects, or by unfitting handling, abuse, or under abnormal usage or conditions such as swimming, etc.
  • Depreciation of the product caused by judicious wear and tear, including but not limited to rust, blemishes, stains or other imperfections.
  • Any other contexts that are self-contradictory or are not in compliance with our business ethics.

5. Manufacturing warranty is applicable on:

  • Manufacturing defects either in materials or during crafting steps of the product. This warranty is claimable only if the product is used under usual situations and solely for the purpose to which the product was conceived and further designed.
  • This warranty by all means and accounts do consider all manufacturing defects such as zippers, buckles, & stitching concerns caused by hand manufacturing errors.

6. CASE U has the full right to determine if a product is "Out of Warranty" or not. Claimant of warranty has no discretion in this regard. The CASE U shall separately quote replacement of “Out of Warranty” products.

Also, acts like self-repairs, extreme exposure to water, impairment caused by any sort of misuse or mistreatment, not using as per the product manual, and other such customer induced damage shall stands as the violations against warranty.

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