Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology - CASE U
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    Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection Technology

    ₹1,999 ₹3,999

      This Stylus Pen supports palm rejection for easy interaction with your screen. It is one of the finest digital pens for your you have ever use.

      • This Stylus Pen is a high-quality accessory that fits just right in your palm.

      • Upgraded with the latest palm-rejection technology, the pen ensures effortless and quick activities on your device such as writing notes, making drawings or doodling, or simply scrolling.

      • The level of accuracy and control of our stylus for beyond any other pen/pencil available in the market today.

      • The pen has a higher sensitivity ratio too. Its pristine white appearance is just stunning.

      • One of the amazing features that this pen offers is that there is no need to install Bluetooth or any side apps to run it.

      • You can start using the pen by simply touching the cap button! Also, a prolonged battery life ensures non-stop work!



      CASE U Stylus Pen is compatible with Apple iPad 2018 & 2020: iPad 6th Gen(9.7″), iPad 7th Gen(10.2″), iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Pro(11″/12.9″). Please confirm your devices before you place an order, another model is invalid.

      CASE U Stylus Pen User Manual

      **Please read this user manual carefully before installing the device.


      Stylus Pen : An Evalution

      CASE U Stylus Pen gives a decent and adjusted feel in your hand as though you are utilizing an ordinary pencil, or ballpoint pen, and so forth. You will experience no counterbalance or lag while using this stylus pen for iPads/tabs.



      This Stylus Pen (Second Gen) accompanies palm rejection innovation! You can
      rest your palm easily on the screen while composing or drawing. You need not
      wear the counter erosion glove with this pen.

      Easy to Hold and Use


      Supplant your finger to execute better directions. The pen offers high exactness
      and precision when composing and painting. You can draw straight or bended
      lines without any deferrals or counterbalance. Contrasted with the normal
      pointer pen, it has higher affectability, more precise sign and more hand-friendly

      Pixel-perfect Precision and Smooth


      The stylus pen is battery powered and gives 10 hours ceaseless running time for
      just 30 minutes charging. Incredible approach to improve your work productivity and keep your iPad away from fingerprints! It will naturally turn in "Rest Mode" after inert for 5 minutes to spare power waste.

      Extra Long Standby & Smart Power Saving
      Upgraded 1.5mm Pen Tip
      • Fabulous stylus pen compatible with iPad
        Thin smooth and light, much the same as an ordinary pencil, with pixel- immaculate exactness.

      • Go beyond yourself and make your mark!
        The New Gen means to build up a pointer that can improve your composing experience on screens!

      Accurate & Responsiveness

      The style was exceptionally intended for innovative work. 1.5 mm pen tip, which makes the pen remarkably exact to compose little words all the more without any problem. It won't scratch the screen, and has no slacking, no skips.



      Superior Nib & Replaceable

      CASE U stylus nibs are made of top-notch material. Smooth and sturdy, it will present to you a phenomenal encounter without scratching the gadget screen. Screw-type nibs are simpler to displace and won't break.

      1.5MM NIB


      Double Touch Connection

      This stylus runs without any driver or Bluetooth. Simply contact it with your device through the port and start composing or drawing your thoughts anyplace.




      • What CASE U recommended?

        This pen is inaccessible when it is holding a charge. You must check the charging levels before using it. We don't suggest you to use the pen while your iPad is charging, that may cause break and detach issues.

      • Is it safe to use without screen guard on the gadget?

        It has better experience whenever used with the safety glass screen as compared to without it.

      • What would we be able to do, if the pen can't be used?

        Kindly change your iPad or iPad Pro setting as follows : Settings>Apple Pencil>Turn off the Apple pencil/or Settings>Notes>Turn off "Just draw with Apple Pencil.

      • Does any Bluetooth, app or driver expected to start with this pen?

        No need for any specific Bluetooth connectivity or specific apps, simply turn on this pen by contacting the top cap button.

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