Why Mobile Sanitizer Is Required During A Covid19 Pandemic?

on March 26, 2020

We all are facing a huge outbreak at this time with a virus named 'COVID-19' that has shaken the world's economy. 196 countries are suffering from COVID-19 due to which there has been a proper lockdown in many major countries, i.e. you cannot afford to move out.

Companies have shut down and have given work from home to many of its employees resulting in which mostly all the people are at home.

Now the question is why 'CASE U' is writing an informative blog on the Mobile Sanitizer Use?

Being one of the surfaces with which we are most in contact, it should also be disinfected using Mobile Sanitizer. We give you some tips to do it.

One of the measures in which experts and authorities have put more emphasis in recent days to try to curb contagions by coronavirus is (and we should know it by heart) hand washing.

We have also all implemented almost constant disinfection with liquid or gel alcohol, but (perhaps) we have left aside one of the devices with which our hands and face are most in contact and which, like any surface, can contain bacteria: the mobile phone.

Because it is one of the devices that we constantly have on us, we should also try to keep it clean.

This is especially recommended by the WHO Guide to Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus in Homes and Residential Communities.

The WHO considers mobile as one of the "frequent contact" surfaces such as tables, door handles, bathroom faucets, keyboards, and tablets, among others. Therefore, in case there is a person with a suspected case of coronavirus at home, these items should be cleaned every day.

In case the screen is covered by tempered glass, or if the screen is broken, these cracks can also be a source of contamination, since dirt accumulates and "it is impossible to remove with Mobile Sanitizer". That is why, if the protective glass is broken, it should be removed.

Not only should the screen be sanitized, but cleaning both the front and back is essential.

The only product which will be used mostly used by the people at this would be Mobile. The research found that on an average people spend more than 6 hours on phone in a day now when people are at home the only time when they are not using the phone is maybe when they are sleeping.

The count can be double in the number of hours. Experiments and research at home and abroad have proved that mobile phones are much dirtier than we think. In addition, during normal use, our oil, sweat, dander, stains, etc. will stain the mobile phone screen

Everyone is talking about being at home and make sure you are maintaining proper cleanliness in yourself and your surroundings.

Is anyone talking about cleaning mobile regularly?

mobile sanitizer

It is very important to clean your hands but it is equally important to sanitize your mobile phones as well. You might be touching your door handle, the table before touching the mobile phone.

How many times have we sanitized our mobile phone since we have heard the news about COVID-19?

'CASE U' being a Reputed brand in Tech Accessories in India is taking up the responsibility of sanitizing mobile phones. Because your mobile phones also deserve to be hygienic.

How to sterilize your phone?

Mobile Sanitizer spray

As COVID-19 spreads, knowing how to sterilize your phone is a vital skill. Along with hands, it is equally important to disinfect surfaces you frequently contact.

Biggest smartphone makers Apple and Samsung have ditched the conventional methods to clean your phone i.e. you cannot clean your phone with hand sanitizer it can damage your phone if used frequently.

CASE U is the brand in India that has launched sanitizer especially for mobile which will disinfect your mobile phones. It has three main features- sanitizing, cleansing, deodorizing. It ensures 99% germs removal and has more than 75% alcohol. It is a very safe method to clean your phone without spending too much.

How to use CASE U mobile sanitizer?

  • First, switch your phone and keep it on a neat and clean table.
  • Remove the back cover to ensure proper cleaning of the phone.
  • Open the CASE U mobile sanitizer packet and take out the sanitizer and the cloth.
  • Gently spray sanitizer onto the microfiber cloth provided.
  • Now slowly clean your phone by rubbing the cloth over the phone front and back side both.
  • Make sure you don't rub the cloth over lenses, ports and other openings.
  • Keep rubbing it until you don't see any particle.
  • Keep your phone idle for 15 minutes until it dries completely.
  • Now wipe your phone with clear water and then with a clean cloth at the end.
  • You can clean your mobile back cover with the CASE U mobile sanitizer using the same method given above.
  • Now put your cover over the phone and you can switch it on now(make sure your back cover and phone are completely dry).
  • Make sure you do this at least twice a day.
  • Always wash your hands before and after disinfecting your phone.


phone sanitizer

Remember the government is taking every possible action and now it depends on us how much precautions are we taking and how seriously we are acting.

How not to clean your mobile phone with Mobile Sanitizer?

Cleaning your phone is important to fight the spread of bacteria or diseases like CORONA-VIRUS, but no one wants to damage their phones. So make sure you avoid cleaning your phones with the following things:

  • Window cleaners
  • Kitchen cleaners
  • Paper towels
  • Compressed air
  • Disinfect wipes

We hope the above steps would be clear about how to disinfect your mobile phones. This is a small measure taken by CASE U to help people out amidst pandemic of CORONA-VIRUS helping them clean their digital gadgets.


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