Benefits of Contec Infrared Thermometer with IR Sensor - TP500

on June 05, 2020

Measuring temperature is necessary for both everyday and professional life. At home, it is usual to check the temperature of people (to find out if they are sick) and of household appliances (freezer, refrigerator, washing machine, oven, air conditioning, heating, etc.).

Contec Infrared Thermometer

Even Babies need our constant attention because they are vulnerable, especially during the first few months when they have not yet built the necessary antibodies to protect themselves from the disease.

For this reason, it is necessary to be aware of any changes in both your behavior and your body. Sudden changes in body temperature can alert us in case of fever so that we can take the necessary measures to stop it.


In many professional sectors, temperature measurement is basic for the performance of functions (HVAC technicians, laboratory personnel, quality controls in restaurants, etc.)

The thermometer is the utensil used to measure the temperature. In the home environment, it may be enough to take an approximate measurement but in the professional environment, thermometers of high precision and reliability are required.

The measurement is made in our country in degrees centigrade or Celsius (ºC) but in other countries, it is common to measure in degrees Fahrenheit (ºF).

The Celsius scale, starting from the freezing point (0ºC) and boiling point (100ºC) of the water, is divided into 100 equal parts or degrees. The Fahrenheit scale is divided into 180 degrees starting from the freezing point (32ºF) and boiling point (212ºF) of the water.

The sale of digital thermometers has increased progressively since its launch, and that means a lot in comparison to classic thermometers.

There are different reasons why having a thermometer depending on the sector in which you work with restaurants, aquariums, air conditioning systems, etc.) It Is even useful to use at home.

We invite you to know about our Contec Infrared Thermometer. This is the device that you must be having at your home.


Let's talk about the benefits of the following Contec Infrared Thermometer

Best thermometer

The TP500 digital Infrared Thermometer allows you to know the temperature of your body quickly, accurately, and safely.

It detects infrared heat coming from the eardrum and measures the temperature in just 1 second. Its operation is instantaneous, making it ideal for all members of the family.

Also, it has a warning sound built into the thermometer, which alerts when the temperature measurement has finished and has three measurement modes.

With this model, the last measurement can be viewed later for confirmation. It is ideal to take it when you go on a trip or you are away from home thanks to its size.

Because the temperature of the ear does not change when speaking, eating, or drinking it is an excellent option to have at home. It also has several lens covers, which ensures that it is hygienic to use.

At the same time, it eliminates the concern due to the possibility of suffering mercury poisoning that traditional thermometers use. It has an audible alarm and memory of the last measurement for confirmation.

(Having a Contec Infrared Thermometer at home is synonymous with guarantee, trust, and precision.)

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