IP Camera benefits

on January 05, 2021



IP cameras: Benefits and reasons to install them in your home or business

The full form of IP is Internet Protocol. The IP protocol was developed in the 1970s to communicate computer equipment owned by the government and universities. The IP protocol fundamentals have changed considerably from time to time in the last 30 years, remaining a legacy of simplicity and perspective from the original design. Today, the IP protocol is the backbone of the global Internet network and almost all data communications.


Technology has evolved rapidly in recent years and with it security systems, which now incorporate Internet connection as a tool to achieve a faster and more efficient response.

Security cameras with an IP connection work by self-managing their connection to a configured network and generating their own IP address. Thus, it can be viewed by other equipment connected to the network, such as telephones, computers or televisions.

One of the main advantages of IP cameras is that they offer a higher resolution than traditional video cameras or webcams, while you observe what happens in a place regardless of whether you are thousands of kilometers away, since everything is transmitted through from Internet.

Another benefit of this system is that IP cameras can be viewed only by authorized persons, although free and open access can also be offered if live video is to be incorporated into a company's website so that all users have access.


In addition, IP cameras manage the light level of the image, the white balance and the sharpness of the image, among other aspects of the image quality that ensure a high quality video transmission. 

Similarly, IP cameras have an automatic infrared filter that adjusts when lighting conditions are suitable.

Finally, when installing a system of IP cameras, you will find that they have a complex motion detection system through the instantaneous analysis of the variations that occur in the video frames, which is recorded in the optical sensor.

Why use IP cameras?

We refer by IP cameras to video cameras that do not need a computer to connect to the Internet since they do so autonomously with the system they have incorporated. This is much more comfortable and aesthetic because the wiring is saved.

Why do we recommend using IP cameras?

IP cameras work by self-managing their connection to a configured network while generating their IP address. In this way, it can be viewed through other equipment with an Internet connection, such as smartphones, computers, or televisions.
By using IP cameras, people who have to travel a lot or are not at work, among other things, will be able to see what is happening at home or your business from anywhere just by using an enabled connection.



Advantages of an IP camera

The IP cameras or network cameras are video devices that are connected via the Internet. They can transmit high definition video and are the alternative to the traditional CCTV camera. Its advantages are:
  • Cheaper than CCTV cameras.
  • A more significant number of options and qualities for a lower price.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • They provide a higher resolution than traditional webcams or video cameras.
  • They allow you to view in real-time what is happening wherever you want, even being thousands of kilometers away.
  • Authorized persons can only view IP cameras. It is possible to offer free and open access if the live video is to be incorporated into the web by a company so that all Internet users have access to it.
  • Some IP cameras have an automatic infrared filter placed in front of the CCD when light conditions are suitable, thus providing color images. When the light conditions lower, the filter moves and the camera emits the signal in black and white, thus giving greater luminosity. In this way, it is possible to illuminate the scene with infrared light when it is total darkness.
  • These cameras manage exposure (light level in the image), image sharpness, white balance (adjusting color levels), and other aspects of image quality.
  • They connect to any computer or mobile to see and operate the camera from anywhere we have the Internet.

If we don't have a big budget or we don't have special requirements, an IP camera can provide security and peace of mind for very little.

Do you want to know more about the advantages that the IP camera system brings to you? Contact us and our team of advisers will guide you to choose the system that best suits your needs.

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