Why Tempered Glass is Important for Your Smartphone?

on April 04, 2020

Tempered Glass for Smartphones has become the first need the moment people buy a new phone. With the growing popularity of Oneplus, Samsung note series and Apple people have become more conscious about which tempered glass to purchase and how to check which one is the best.

Premium Smartphone customers have ditched roadside tempered glasses which carry poor quality and no warranty. People have started switching over to online temper glass brands that have developed trust.

People have started giving huge importance to reviews before buying due to which only the trusted brands in this category have turned out to be winners in the screen protector’s category across major marketplaces.

But Why Tempered Glass Is Required for Smartphones?

Why Tempered Glass is Important for Your Smartphone?

Because no one wants to spend a heavy amount on screen replacement of your Smartphone that costs around no less than Rs. 5,000. So if you use high-quality tempered glass for your Smartphone your phone screen is saved in case of bumps/falls.

Now here if you use a low-quality cheap screen protector for your phone again it will make no difference because in case of falls this low-quality glass won't save your phone's screen. So here high quality, fully compatible, full edge to edge tempered glass is required to keep your phone safe under all tough conditions.

Nowadays brands have started launching curved phones so it's really important for all consumers to buy curved tempered glass rather than normal tempered glass. e:g: Oneplus 7 pro has a curved screen launched a few months back and after sometime customers started switching to curved tempered glasses because normal was not compatible with the phone and was leaving gaps from sides.

So here is a message using tempered glass that is of good quality, hard in nature, offers better resistance against scratches that fully fit with the shape of your phone i.e. edge to edge and also that comes with a warranty.

From Where to Buy Tempered?

Roadside vendors sell tempered glasses that break off easily and you can't go back because there wasn't a warranty.

This was a huge pain point observed by a brand in India which came out with a manufacturing plant making high quality tempered glasses with latest technologies used, with a proper installation kit which even layman can use and also coming up with a warranty period valid under some conditions i.e. if due to critical reasons if tempered glass breaks, you can get a replacement for your glass free of cost.

CASE U is the brand that has established itself as the best brand in the screen protector category across major online marketplaces.

Why Purchase Tempered Glass from CASE U?

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Following are the reasons to choose CASE U Tempered glass out of all others present in the market:

  1. 9H Hardness: Here 9H means your screen's ability to get scratched using a 9H pencil. 9H is considered to be toughest amongst all pencils. All CASE U tempered glasses have 9H hardness which can withstand scratches from standard elements.

  2. Oleophobic Nano-Coating: The biggest factor which separates the tempered glass from plastic screen protectors. With this feature tempered glass repels oils and doesn't stick onto your screen. You can just use CASE U microfiber cloth to remove the stains. All CASE U Crystal Clear & Black Shield Premium Tempered Glasses carry this feature allows you to use your phone freely without thinking about stains and oils.

    1. Installation Kit: It is one of the biggest factors when customers buy online. Without the installation kit, it is impossible to install tempered glass at home. CASE U provides its own Installation kit with which allows you to install at home very easily containing each and everything you could ever require to install tempered glass at home. CASE U also has a youtube channel where all installation videos for tempered glass are posted which allows our customers to install at home very easily.

    1. Tempered Glass Packaging: During transportation, it is seen that much tempered glass breaks down due to which there is a contradiction between the company and the customers. Keeping in mind these things CASE U designed its packaging which is very strong and durable. You will find proper installation steps written inside the packaging. Also, you will find customer support email id and youtube bar code which directs you straight to the CASE U official youtube channel.

    1. Warranty: CASE U provides you a 3-months one-time free replacement warranty on all tempered glasses bought by customers from any online marketplace. There are some conditions on which customers can avail warranty. This is one of the USPs of CASE U among other brands present in the market.

    1. Innovation with Time: CASE U was the first brand in India to Launch UV Curved Tempered Glass for Oneplus 7 Pro in India which very soon became a trend in India. It was launched with a UV glue and a UV light.

    2. Extra Protection: All CASE U tempered glasses are made from original gorilla Asahi glass with the precise cut. It is made with an extra layer of glass which provides extra protection to your tempered glass. It results in scratch resistance, high transparency features, etc.

    1. Best Seller: CASE U has been the best seller on major online marketplaces in screen protectors for a couple of years. So it proves why consumers choose CASE U tempered glass over others.

    So it would be clear why tempered glass is necessary to use for your smartphones and also why it is important to use a premium tempered glass so that you become relax for the screen of your phone.

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