Which webcam you should Buy For Your PC?

on February 05, 2021

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For those who usually use a computer to keep in touch with friends and family through video calls, we know very well that one of the essential elements for this is to have a good webcam connected to our PC.

What is a webcam?

A webcam or web camera consists of a connected device, usually via USB, to the computer, and whose mission is the same as a video camera. It allows us to record video and capture photographs. Its primary function is to capture video and have conversations in real-time, face to face with whoever we want, through the Internet.

There are endless webcam models available in India, so many times, acquiring one of these elements can become an arduous task, especially if we do not know some parameters that we must take into account to make a smart purchase.
Here we tell you the guidelines to take into account to acquire a webcam that correctly adjusts to our needs, and at the same time, to the availability of our pocket.


Guidelines for buying a webcam

CASE U Webcam In principle, we must stop to resolve how much money we are willing to invest in purchasing our new webcam since current values vary from 2000 to more than 20,000 in India for conducting professional videoconferences. For the typical user, a webcam around 2500 is more than enough.

When selecting the webcam model and brand that we are going to buy, we must analyze some of its main characteristics. Among them, the resolution that it offers us is essential, on which it is recommended that it be not less than 640 x 480 pixels.
It should be noted that the higher the resolution in megapixels, the better the image quality provided by the camera.

We must also consider the amount of FPS, that is, frames per second since the ideal is to acquire a webcam that works at 30 fps or more because a lower rate can cause our video to be displayed choppy out of sync with the audio.
Another essential aspect to take into account is focused on the sensitivity to light of the webcam. At this point, it is advisable to opt for a webcam that gives us the possibility of capturing the video in low light conditions.


Webcam for PC

Of course, it is also essential in choosing the type of webcam design, and at this point, analyze if we are going to use it on a desktop PC, if we want to be able to zoom, rotate the angle and tilt the camera and the rest.
CASE U hw1 webcam
Let's also bear in mind that some webcams include a built-in microphone and speakers to avoid the use of headphones and a microphone during a video call.


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