6 Reasons to use Screen Protector For Your Smartphone

on March 23, 2020

A Screen Protector for Your Phone!!

So you've purchased your new smartphone. It's sleek and sophisticated, and you love it. Obviously, your next move is to purchase a case to cover it (check CASE U's case collection), but you shouldn't stop there. CASE U's tempered glass screen protectors are the ideal complement to a case to add the extra level of security to your handset.


The first reason to protect your mobile phone with a tempered glass Screen Protector is that it lasts much longer than a plastic protector.

We recommend that you do not mix it with keys, coins and so on. But in case of doing so, with this type of protection you will avoid scratching, when, for example, you put your Smartphone in the same pocket.

Many times they cause scratches that finally end up removing a clear vision from the screen, something that does not happen with our tempered glass. They are shockproof, but in the rare case that you suffer a strong blow, what will break will be the tempered glass and not the screen of your mobile.

Imagine the economic savings of having to replace a tempered glass protector and not a screen.

The screen savers tempered glass has much better touch the protective glass. Your fingers are going to slide on them just as if they did on the original screen.

You can press the icons of the applications or the phone numbers without noticing that you have protection on your cell phone.

In addition, due to its characteristics, it is much easier to clean in case it gets dusty or your fingerprints. You just need a small cloth and clean it as if it were your eyeglasses or sunglasses.

The visibility offered by the tempered glass mobile protector is one hundred percent thanks to the fact that this surface is completely transparent.

The same does not happen with plastic screens, which have a matte color that sometimes makes it difficult for you to see your mobile screen with total clarity.

It is also a great advantage that it respects the colors of all the icons that you have installed on your mobile phone. That you will notice especially when you get ready to watch videos on your Smartphone.

For the same reason that we have previously discussed, the matt colors of the plastic protectors make you not see them clearly. The truth is that with tempered glass screen protectors you will forget that you have protection on your mobile.

Applying a tempered glass screen protector is a child's thing. You just have to make sure that this protection device matches the brand of your mobile phone.

Then make sure that the adhesive is placed correctly and finally put it as if it were one of those stickers that you stuck when you were a kid.

We have left it for the last but it is not the least important, far from it. With tempered glass screen protectors, you will save a lot of money because imagine what you would have to spend in case of breakage of the original screen of your cell phone.

Imagine that you buy a next-generation smartphone that can cost around 40,000 Rupees. Do you know what a tempered glass screen protector costs?

Well, it doesn't even reach 1000. Imagine all you can save for that amount of money. Lots of money, yes. And also some other annoyance.

Well, this is all we wanted to tell you about the advantages of using tempered glass screen protectors for your mobile.

As you can see, it is a very good solution for less than 300 Rupee and they also offer many more advantages in terms of touch and visibility than plastic protectors.


More about CASE U Screen Protectors


CASE U's screen protectors are made from glass clear hard tempered glass. This means it will provide the highest level of security to your display, while not interfering with your smartphone screen's look.

What is the point, if you can't see it, of having a smartphone with the most sophisticated OLED display? Oh, you don't have to think about that with the CASE U's tempered glass screen protectors.

 Easy to apply screen protector

Easy to Apply. No Screen Bubbles.

Better safe than sorry, because you never know if or when to drop your smartphone right where there is no phone case that might stop your device from cracking.

Screen protectors can be very tricky to apply, but for CASE U this is not the case. These are super quick to install, and once you do there won't bubble.

Ultra-hard, Super clear & Fully compatible

Current smartphones display are more technically sophisticated than ever before and you need a screen protector that doesn't mess with your smartphone screen's functionality. That's where CASE U comes in. Our screen protectors are compatible with Face ID, the 3D touch, and will fit with any phone case.

So if you are thinking about protecting your mobile, keep the tempered glass in mind. 

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