OnePlus 8 Series 2020 Launch Event

on April 10, 2020

OnePlus generally releases its first flagship product every year in May, but from 2020 will adopt a new strategy. After all, the first flagship products of Samsung and Huawei unveiled in the first quarter. If OnePlus wants to share part of them then their strategy needs to catch up with the time.

OnePlus is Launching its new OnePlus 8 series on 14th April with an Online Launch event. You can access the event here from 8:30 pm

OnePlus 8 Pro Has Broken All Records

OnePlus 8 Series Launch Event 2020 


According to the newly discovered benchmark, OnePlus 8 Pro may be the most powerful Android phone to date or become the king of Android phones, it even defeated the powerful Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The OnePlus 7 Pro offered one of the best smartphone screens in 2019, delivering a QHD+ resolution and a slick 90Hz refresh rate. OnePlus 8 series has received the “highest overall display rating and Best Smartphone Display Award” from screen testing firm DisplayMate.

1. Lead With Speed

OnePlus is set to launch two new smartphones on its official launch event- OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro where tech experts have revealed the specifications. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau also posted on twitter regarding some of its specifications which is automatically increasing the anticipation amongst the customers.

A couple of new features you can see in OnePlus 8 Pro:

OnePlus 8 Pro

  • It comes with a Punch hole display design rather than a pop-up camera which makes the screen look more elegant.

  • It has a Quad camera at the back with an extra camera lens for color filter

  • OnePlus 8 Pro supports One Plus Warp Charge 30W fast wireless charging technology and can charge 50 % in less than 30 minutes.

  • QHD+ display is capable of a 120Hz refresh rate.

  • Introduction of IP Rating was demanded from its consumers for long which makes the phone dust and water-resistant.


i) OnePlus 8 Pro Specs:

OnePlus 8 Pro specifications

ii) OnePlus 8 Specs:

OnePlus 8 Specifications

iii) OnePlus Z Specs:

OnePlus Z specifications

2. OnePlus is Also Expected With Two More Launches

  • The 30W wireless fast charge dedicated only to One Plus 8 Pro which could be the fastest charging wireless dock.

OnePlus 8 Pro wireless charging
    • The new OnePlus Z earphones where the time delay is expected less than Apple Airpods and can last 10 hours in just a 10-minute charge.

    OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

       3. CASE U is Ready with Design of Tempered Glass Screen Protector

      CASE U has been the best seller for all the OnePlus handsets in India for 3 years. Even CASE U was the first brand in India to launch UV Tempered Glass for OnePlus 7 Pro that turned out to be the best seller across all marketplaces. CASE U is really excited about the launch of the OnePlus 8 series. CASE U OnePlus 8 Pro tempered glass has been designed by Consulting with the team of OnePlus which may be the most crystal clear tempered ever seen in the market.


      4. Sale Date Not Confirm

      Amidst the Lockdown in the whole world, no one knows when will these phones will be available in the market to buy. 14th April is only the official launch event of OnePlus where they will reveal specifications, benefits, prices, etc. We hope this lockdown finishes early and the phone is readily available to buy.


      - Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. When OnePlus 8 series will launch in India?

      A. OnePlus is only releasing its 8 Series on 14th April 2020, there is no official announcement when it will be available for sale in India. It might launch when India is free of the pandemic.

      Q. Is OnePlus 8 pro waterproof?

      A. Yes, Only OnePlus 8 Pro is waterproof because it has got an IP rating of IP68. This is the first phone of One plus to get an IP rating. OnePlus 8 is not waterproof.

      Q. Is OnePlus 8 Pro fastest charging phone?

      A. It is expected to be the fastest charging phone due to its wireless charging technology which comes with a 30W warp wireless charge standard. It can charge 50% within 30 minutes.

      Q. What could be the price of OnePlus 8 and One plus 8 Pro?

      A. This time it is expected that OnePlus will launch phones at a higher price due to different upgraded technologies used.

      OnePlus 8 Pro can launch at near about 70k-75k

      One plus 8 can launch at near about 60k

      Q. Should I wait for One plus 8 or I can buy One plus 7 Pro?

      A. Well OnePlus 7 Pro in itself is one of the fastest and best smartphone in India. But it is said that there won't be many differences between the two so you can also go with One plus 7 Pro. But if you are waiting for One plus 8 Pro you should surely wait for it.


      OnePlus’s new device family earned an A+ rating from the testing firm, saying it set or matched over 10 records in various display categories. These categories include color accuracy, image contrast, display brightness, and screen reflection.


      Now, Why CASE U is writing a blog on One plus 8 Pro?

      CASE U OnePlus customers are genuine and they always switch to CASE U when the turn comes for the screen protection of OnePlus handsets. Due to reasons like highly curved 6.78-inch display, punch hole display design the team of OnePlus called the CASE U manufacturing team to design the tempered glass of OnePlus 8 Pro because to use the best smartphone smoothly you need to have the screen protection and seeing the reputation of CASE U, OnePlus gave this Golden opportunity to build better trust among the customers. OnePlus CEO 'Pete Lau' has already posted on twitter that "One plus 8 Pro display has broken all records and got the highest ratings by all the tech experts." The Reason why One plus Wanted best quality Screen protection for One plus 8 Pro.


      screen protector tempered glass for oneplus


      CASE U UV Tempered Glass for OnePlus 8 Pro

      Resulting to which CASE U has launched a full edge to edge UV Tempered Glass with 13D Technology and high-quality oleophobic coating. There would be no complaining of gaps between tempered glass and phone. Also, OnePlus Team helped to design the tempered glass in such a way so that it can be much easily installed compared to others with no bubble formation during the application process. The Tempered Glass will be in stock as and when OnePlus 8 Pro is ready to ship. You can pre-order the tempered so that you can apply it as soon as you receive your OnePlus 8 Pro.



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