How to Remove Bubbles from Tempered Glass Film?

on June 04, 2020

How to Remove Bubbles from Tempered Glass Film

Using a Smartphone screen protector is a widespread practice, and with it comes a big problem: The main question arrives on how to remove the air bubbles from the tempered glass film?

Our smartphones have become faithful friends who live a thousand adventures with us. Protecting them becomes a fundamental requirement to avoid the risk of damage to the screen. Unexpected falls scratch with blunt objects, chafing, and heat can cause irreparable harm over time.

Using tempered glass screen protectors becomes the only way to protect our screen from the thousand difficulties to which it is subjected during use and daily movements.

Among the films that we can use to safeguard the screen of our smartphone, there are more classic ones but also those made of tempered glass.



Screen protector

It is a glass worked by a process called "tempering". The tempered glass is heated to very high temperatures between 500 and 700 degrees and is then cooled quickly.

When it breaks, what happens to ordinary glass does not occur to this type of glass. It forms small pieces with a rounded, non-cutting shape, and consists of a multilayer composed of absorbent silicon, PET, tempered adhesive glass and coating. 

The material of this glass is rigid, and this allows a precise application speed when you decide to choose a tempered glass film for your phone.


Tempered Glass installation

This type of protection is beneficial to protect the phone screen from bumps and scratches.

Unfortunately, the evolution of new smartphones is growing rapidly, and the arrival and diffusion on the market of phones with displays characterized by 2.D curvature have made the installation of the film more difficult. Or rather, the application is always quick to perform, but one must pay attention to any that form in the curved part of the display.

At this point, you might be wondering wondering 'how to remove from tempered glass film?' First of all, you should buy a film of reduced dimensions to avoid having to apply it up to the sides.
This is a quick solution which, however, leaves the corners uncovered and is not the best from an aesthetic point of view. Surely the essential advice is to try to reduce the dust from the screens before applying.
This is one of the factors that can compromise the correct positioning of the film on your phone. You can use a cloth-like the one used to clean the lenses of the glasses or there are specific products that facilitate cleaning.

You can also clean the screen with an alcohol solution mixed with soap and water using a slightly damp and clean cloth. Also, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly so that you can do this in the best possible way.
The last method to get rid of the dust is to remove it with an adhesive tape. Just place it on the screen, cover the entire area, and then remove all the dirt present.

Start from the top edge when applying your protective film and be very careful during the operation. It takes just a little patience to get the job done successfully.
If there are bobbles left on the sides, press in the center and use a rigid object such as a card or credit card to push from the central part of the screen towards the sides.

Many use homemade methods such as applying oil to the sides of the film using a cotton swab.

Once the glass is applied, lightly wet the cotton swab in the oil, the common one used in the kitchen, and wet the edges of your film. After that leave to act and remove with a cloth.


Removing tempered glass

It is certainly a delicate operation to be carried out without haste.

The first method to remove  is to remove the film and then apply it again, as explained above. How to carry out this procedure without risking that the glass shatters?

To remove a film in the tempered glass, you have to try to let some air penetrate inside it, but delicately. You can attempt this by trying to lift the bottom edge of the film slightly by merely using your fingernails.

As soon as you understand that the air is starting to enter, continue to raise your film off the screen. It would help if you start from the bottom edge because it is easier to detach. As the air enters, continue to lift the film patiently without forcing too much.
The air must penetrate gradually reaches the center of the screen and then the upper part. If you bend the film too much, you risk breaking it.

When the film is mostly removed, you can start to help yourself with some object to facilitate the removal such as for example, a sucker. A little delicacy will suffice, and you're done!

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