How to choose a backpack for Laptop

on December 24, 2020

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Tablets, laptops and all their hybrids have become essential for the daily life of any student or worker, so it is important to have a good backpack or briefcase to carry and keep your device protected from inclement weather, scratches and hits. In this post we will give you tips to know how to choose the most suitable bag or laptop backpack.
Thanks to the great demand for these devices, the market offers an immense variety of types, designs and features. And although there are standardized screen sizes, the dimensions of each device vary greatly. Due to this, it is difficult to establish a specific backpack size in which they fit, but in this post we will give you tip on how to choose the most suitable bag or backpack for your Tablet or Laptop.


Screen size does not match device size

Thanks to the great demand for these devices, the market offers an immense variety of types, designs and features. And although there are standardized screen sizes, the dimensions of each device vary enormously, we explain why. Device screens are measured in inches and each inch equals 2.54 centimeters. The way to measure it is diagonally excluding the frame they may have around it.
But, in addition, the screens have a certain proportion, that is, the relationship between height and width. If it is a widescreen screen, it will have a ratio of 16 centimeters long to 9 wide, that is, 16: 9, but an iPad, for example, has a 4: 3 aspect ratio, which means that it is an almost square screen. Explained this, it can be understood why the screen size does not determine the width or height of the device. In addition, the frame around the screen varies according to brands and models, so there can be a lot of difference between two computers that have the screen with the same number of inches.

So when choosing a laptop backpack, you can be guided by the description that determines the size of the device that fits in it, but it will always be better to measure all its dimensions and make sure they are equal to or lower than those indicated in the file. of product.


The comfort of the backpack vs the elegance of the briefcase

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The briefcase is a classic for carrying the laptop and although it is associated with a more executive look, there are briefcases for very varied tastes. From the elegant to the most casual, both for men and women who want their briefcase to be like their bag. But since the current thing is to be in constant movement, the elegance of the briefcase is being overshadowed by the comfort of the backpack. Backpacks are in fashion and for many it is more practical to move their school or work material in them. In addition, there is also an immense variety of styles in backpacks, from sports to executive.

Here we give you a list of the advantages of each one to help you with your choice.

Advantages of the Backpack

  • The design of backpacks has evolved and there are many options for different tastes and personalities to match any style.
  • Practical and comfortable to wear. Give an air of modernity by being in trend.
  • They have the capacity to carry more things besides the laptop.
  • Laptop backpacks often have a reinforced back and wide, ergonomic shoulder straps.
  • The materials in which they are made are usually lighter, which means they weigh much less than a briefcase.

    Lightness or functionality to transport your computer?

    Light Backpack

    We also have the functionality factor since there are those who prefer to carry, in addition to their device, other things of daily use. For this, the backpacks are very versatile since some have well differentiated compartments to better organize all your belongings. Also due to their shape and size, they are more practical to carry everything, especially on trips, whether for pleasure or business.
    If you prefer not to mix laptop with personal affections, the briefcase is a good option, especially since they usually have an internal organizer to put small accessories, pens and documents. In addition, most of the models that we offer in our online store have a rear band to adapt it to the suitcase when you travel and you don't have to worry about carrying it.


    Brands and designs for different ages and uses

    Finally, age, personality and use determine the type of backpack or briefcase suitable for each one. School-age children will prefer a backpack or duffel bag with their favorite cartoon prints. While young people and university students will want something more casual.

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