CASE U Guide on How to Clean Your Phone to Protect Against Corona-Virus.

on July 16, 2020

 CASE U’s Smart Phone Cleaning Wipes




Adhering to the recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as our local Public Health Authorities, all are washing/ sanitizing their hands oftentimes in a day. But are you paying any heed to clean your phones? It is pretty conceivable that we may infect our smartphones and in turn infect ourselves too.

While we keep on touching/holding our smartphones, its surface is more prone to get infected with the virus. To take a call, when you press your phone against your ear, this virus can be effortlessly moved to your skin. So to ensure that your phone is sheltered from any possible exposure to the coronavirus, here are a couple of things that can help:


Use of liquor based sanitizers like CASE U’s Nano Portable Mist Handy Sprayer

CASE U’s Nano Portable Mist Handy Sprayer

To forestall the spread of the novel coronavirus, it merits calling attention to cleaning the "high-contact" surfaces i.e., doorknobs, table surfaces, utensils, and most importantly, our mobile phones. You can self-sanitize your phone using CASE U’s Nano Portable sanitizer.

This spray sanitizer is essentially designed to fit in your pocket so you can take it as you travel. To clean your phone, simply take the sanitizer and topped it off on a piece of cloth to clean your phone thoroughly. Leave for a minute or two. Gently wipe the extra mist using a piece of cloth.


Use of a cleaning wipe like CASE U’s Pre-Moistened Smart Phone Cleaning Wipes

CASE U’s Pre-Moistened Smart Phone Cleaning Wipes

According to a recent study conducted by Apple Inc., we tend to touch our phones 1400 times a day on average! This means that at the end of the day, the exposure of your phone surface can be a road of some serious diseases, including the on-going COVID-19. To disinfect your phones, the research further suggests using isopropyl liquor wipes or Clorox disinfecting wipes.

CASE U’s Pre-Moistened Smart Phone Cleaning Wipes is definitely terrible news for the virus! The white wipes (ammonia-free) are calculated for the delicate cleaning of your phones. These wipes are soggy enough and can be used safely without scratching or damaging the screens. So disinfect your phones without leaving any streak or smudge. 99.9% elimination of gems is guaranteed!


Using of UV Sterilizer like CASE U’s Portable UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer is a revolutionary concept that has gained limelight amid this pandemic. This microbe destroying innovation doesn't simply eliminate germs but also takes care of the virus! UV light (200 and 280 nanometres) is capable of harming the very DNA of human skin. Imagine the effect it can render when used to kill off germs.

With a decent UV Sterilizer, you can clean your phones and other gadgets. CASE U’s Portable UV Sterilizer is simple to fit into the satchel. The compact size with small-scale USB port makes it exceptionally simple to use and carry. The device can ward off germs and other disease-causing microbes in merely 60 seconds!


Using of Mobile Cases like CASE U’s Cases & Covers

As reported by leading coverage at Forbes, the excessive use of harsh sanitizers, UV devices, or cleaning wipes can harm your phone screen's oleophobic layer. This layer is a defensive covering on your screen that essentially repulses both water and oil. In this case, what other options are there to protect your smartphone?

Yes, the answer is rather guessable- Mobile Covers & Cases.
For the purpose of protection, mobile cases and covers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to deliver fall protection while some are waterproof in nature. When it comes to guarding your phone against any possible infection, only CASE U’s range of sturdy and safe cases are trusted. Our cases are designed not only to give protection from external damages caused by falling but also to provide a safety shield against any possible infections (caused by germs, viruses).

CASE U phone back cover


  • Can mobile covers and cases protect my phone? Where can I get the best cell phone cases?
  • You can secure your smartphones with fine quality mobile cases and covers. CASE U’s premium cases are made with graded materials such as polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and other extra tough materials. Made with raised bezel over the screen to keep it extra secure, the protection cases at CASEU profess to meet first-grade drop protection. Other variants for tamper-proof protection are Silicon, Rubber, Quality TPU, Hard plastic, etc. So buy now from

  • Where can I buy designer mobile cases and covers? Which website sells good mobile phone covers in India?
  • At CASEU, you get a wide range of designs such as Neon Cases, HD Printed Cases, Silicone Cases, and a lot more! You also get the option to pick for different mobile models, such as iPhone Cases & Covers, OnePlus Back Cases and Redmi phone cover. CASE U’s case collection ranges from the latest statement prints! So buy now from

  • Which mobile cases are best in terms of protection?
  • To fully protect your smartphones, make sure to buy cases, which are extremely easy on grip, are lightweight, and solid in the build! CASE U’s premium mobile cases are made up of best materials such as hard plastic, tough TPU, polycarbonate, and leather, which make them extremely versatile!
    Every case & cover displayed at CASE U is a piece of top-class fabricating! So buy now from

  • Where can I buy the best and cheapest mobile covers?
  • At CASE U, mobile cases and covers are sturdy as well as affordable. Each case offers a cozy fit for your smartphone and buying is super easy in your pocket! Despite being reasonable, CASE U frequently runs discounts and deals on its website where you can save more! So buy now from

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