CASEU Stylus Pen for iPad Series

on August 19, 2021


Smooth - This word gives many meanings in different phrases.

For e.g., we want our life to run smoothly without any unnecessary problems. We want our premium gadgets we buy to run smoothly without any repairs or damages.
Likewise, the stylus pen we buy for our premium iPad has to run smoothly without any trouble.

So here is why we ask you to try and use our CASEU’S stylus pen for iPad with palm rejection technology.


Now you can ask us how to use a stylus pen?

The answer is simple
  • Plug your Apple pen into the lightning connector
  • Pair your device with the pen
  • Then you get connected, ready to use your stylus pen.
Ok now these steps are for Apple users, windows users may doubt

How to use stylus pen on laptop? Or does stylus works on laptop?

The answer to the question is Yes! Stylus pen even works on the laptops too. Even if your device does not have a touch screen, the stylus pen works as just as a mouse for your laptop.

Apart from these questions if you are an apple user and still doubt which stylus pen is best for iPad?

We recommend you to buy & try our CASEU’S stylus pen for iPad specially designed for iPad series. This stylus pen is long lasting, durable, and decent working condition for your iPads. It glides smoothly on your screen and gives you quick touch sensor experience without lagging. I think now you made up your mind for trying and buying our CASEU’S stylus pen for your iPad.

But you may want to know:-

How much is a stylus pen for iPad?

Many websites sell styles pen at a low cost which has low life and work performance which may last only for some months or days. But we do not do fake marketing of our product.
We design a decent stylus pen with long lasting life and good working condition specially designed for iPad series with the good quality by testing the device well and design it for the long-lasting life of the pen starting @ just Rupees 2999 to 3499.

Why use CASE U stylus pen?

  • The stylus pen is tight grip in your palm
  • High quality & long lasting
  • Smooth touch sensor
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Nonstop working on iPad.


These stylus pen are only compatible with iPad launched 2018 releases and later (not for 2017,2016,2015 etc.): iPad (6 & 7th Gen (9.7"&10.2")), iPad Air (3rd Gen), iPad Mini (5th Gen), iPad Pro 11", iPad Pro (2018-2020) 12.9".

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: iPad Pro 12.9" (1st Gen and 2nd Gen), iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Pro 10.5" and iPhone. CASE_U_Stylus_Pen


A stylus pen for the use of your I-pad and tabs. It is an adjustable pen and is light in weight. It is best to use it on your tabs or i-pad for faster working. It is made from advanced, latest technology. It has a metallic body and is cylindrical in shape. The pen is available in different designs. It has palm rejection technology through which you can rest your palm on the screen while drawing and working with it on your i-pad.
  • It is easier to hold and use on your i-pad or tablet. A light weighted pen easy to hold. Its usage helps to do the work at a faster speed.
  • Accurate control is there. It can be used in a straight and bended position. It has high accuracy control while drawing or writing something on the screen. It has a hand-friendly approach and has a normal pointer approach.
  • It has long battery running and smart battery saving features. It can be used upto 10 hours in a day with a charge of just 30 mins. It helps to improve your work productivity. Battery saving functionality helps to save the battery when not in use and it goes into rest mode for 5 minutes to save the battery.
  • It is compatible with i-pad and offers smooth and proper functioning.
  • It rightly functions and is responsive. It is designed especially for doing innovative work. It helps to compose little words with ease. It does not leave any scratch on the screen and does not slack or skip.
  • The nib of the pen is made from top quality material. The nib is like a screw and an amazing experience is provided to the user while using it. The nib works properly without causing any damage to the screen of the ipad or tab. It can be displaced in an easier way and does not break.
  • The connection of the pen is easy. It just needs to be connected with the device through the port.

If you still wonder is stylus pen a useful device?

Yes! Stylus pen is a very helpful device. You need not operate it like mouse placed on side.

The stylus pen can be used as a regular pen that you use on your notebooks. In this case use your pen on your iPad screen.

It is a very useful device for engineers/ interior designers to draw blue prints and design a house.

Students who now turned from writing on notebooks to writing on laptops or other gadgets can easily use stylus pen for writing.

With the help of stylus pen you can feel the same smooth writing experience on device screen too.

It is also helpful for gaming designers, app developers, digital artists, and animators by giving full grip and effective work performance on their piece of work.
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