CASE U iPad And Tablet Screen Protectors

on July 16, 2021

 case u screen protectors for tablet

The CASE U company originated in the year 2015. It is now the leading tech accessory brand in India. New products are launched in recent times following customer’s needs.

CASE U includes various tech products which are useful and people rely on them nowadays. In this digital world, to protect your iPads and tablets, a screen protector is required.

These CASE U Screen protectors help to protect your iPad or tablet from any scratch or damage. CASE U offers its customers with best screen protectors of high quality and following the size of your iPad or tablet.


Best iPad And Tablet Screen Protectors

1) CRYSTAL CLEAR TEMPERED GLASS case u crystal clear screen protectors for tablet

A screen protector which is crystal clear and protects your iPad and tablet from any scratch, wear and tear. It is easier and simple to install. It protects the complete touch screen of an iPad or tablet.

With the help of this screen protector, your iPad screen remains scratch-free as it is under the protection of a layer that saves the screen and keeps it intact when it drops. It also helps to keep the screen clean as there is an anti-fingerprint coating on the protector. The screen protector is hard and provides 10 times safety for your iPad and tablet screen.


2) CRYSTAL CLEAR SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR I-PAD case u crystal clear screen protectors for iPad

This screen protector is precisely cut according to the size of your iPad screen. It is easy to install and protects the screen from any scratch or damage. The touch screen scrolling does not get affected, it remains smooth and natural. The edges of the screen protector are polished and sharp. This screen protector helps to keep the screen of your iPad intact and damage-free. It has an anti-fingertip layer for reducing smudges on the screen.
The tempered glass offers screen protection against scratches, drops, wear and tears. An Anti-shatter layer is installed in the protector. It helps to protect the screen from any smudge. It is installed on the screen easily and simply. The complete touch screen is protected from it.

CASE U screen protector is made from good quality material and has a long guarantee. Nowadays, tablets are being used by many people for their daily work. They are light and easy to carry from one place to another. Apple iPad are popular among people.

To protect the iPad tempered glass screen protector is required. This tempered glass screen protector has a high impact on the resistance of technology, they are easy to install and affordable.


3)CRYSTAL CLEAR SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY TABS case u crystal clear screen protectors for Samsung galaxy tablet

We offer perfect size screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Tablets Range. It protects the tab screen from damage and UV Rays. The screen protector has sharp edges, and is precisely cut into the shape of the screen of the tablet. It has many layers to protect the screen against scratches, bumps, drops, and daily wear and tear. These tempered glasses are easy to install and the screen protector allows for complete touchscreen sensitivity, you won’t even know it’s there!

CASE U Screen Protectors are 2 times Tempered & 10 times stronger than any other brand. At CASE U, Learning and innovation go hand in hand.


Various Features Of A Screen Protector

  • They have an anti-fingerprint coating which is common for any screen protector. This anti-finger coating helps to reduce the smudges and fingerprints on the screen. Many screen protectors have this feature.
  • Antimicrobial protection is there which helps in the reduction of any bacteria on the screen of the tablet. It helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This feature is commonly present in glass and plastic screen protectors and is part of the standard battery feature.
  • An anti-glare feature that helps to reduce the reflection of light caused by the bright lights. Various tablets of top brands are equipped with it. The touch screen of the tablet feels different after applying for this anti-glare protection.
case u crystal clear screen protectors for tablet

So, screen protectors are important for your tablet, iPad or phone to protect its screen. With the advancement in technology, screen protectors have also included many features in it which help to protect the screen of a tablet in a more right and reliable way.


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