CASE U’s Top 3 Fine Quality & Best Budget Webcam with Mic

on September 23, 2020

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Introducing the best Budget Webcam variety in the market by CASE U

That Days are gone when webcam applications were ordinarily limited to business purposes only. Nowadays, we are living a ‘digital life than a physical life’, which makes webcams inevitability important.

CASE U’s budget webcams have become increasingly popular in the past couple of months. Our clients explained how they could use our webcam for various purposes such as child screens, or pet cameras, or for zoom meetings and online classes.

Webcams are thus, used for an assortment of activities, most typically in those areas which need a sharp video streaming. You can get connected to your long-stranding friend or relative, attend online functions, organise and join workshops at home, and literally many more things!


CASE U’s Range of 3 different model budget webcams:

i) HW1 Webcam with Built-in Mic (360° Rotational)

CASE U’s HW1 webcam

  • This range of CASE U’s webcam is one of the best selling models being retailed at INR 2399. The attractive feature of this rotational webcam is that it comes with a noise reduction and can eliminate distracting noises to provide clear sound quality. So you can attend your office meetings peacefully without having to bother about the background hullabaloo of the family!
  • Primarily for videoconference or recording, this webcam also has an adjustable universal clip that fits almost every device! So apart from live streaming, you can record stuff and also video-chat through your handset, or tablet devices.
  • Another good thing in the package is that this 1080p webcam renders crisp and crystal clear image/video quality. It has an automatic light correction and HDR technology to fill your screen with a burst of colours and clarity!

    ii) HW2 Webcam with Microphone (Full HD 1080p)

    CASE U’s HW2 webcam

  • This range of CASE U’s Webcam with specialized optical lens has some great features like full HD video recording and max resolution of 1080p/30fps. Retailed at INR 1999, it is a medium quality webcam, perfect to use for home activities.
  • This webcam delivers incredible clear images, and a premium definition of pictures and video quality. The automatic low light correction makes you see clearly even in dim light so make sure to use this device 24x7 without any hassle!
  • This one is a wide-angle webcam (of up to 110 degrees) with noise reduction and enhanced clarity of sound for quality streaming. Just the perfect webcam for Face timing your friends and relatives.

    iii) HW3 Webcam with Privacy Cover (Full HD 1080p)

    CASE U’s HW3 webcam

  • This USB webcam 1080P 5MP streams is a new addition to our webcam fam! Retailed at INR 3599, this is the best quality device available in the market!
  • This web camera comes with a sliding cover that can easily protect your privacy when you not in use. People familiar with AR (Augmented Reality) might know how open camera holes need protective covers for safekeeping and safeguarding your personal moments in front of the webcam. With this device, you need not worry and 100% privacy cover is ensured! It also allows you to control the video display, which can effectively prevent potential hackers to spy on you.
  • Apart from protection, it delivers the premium quality of functionality as well such as autofocus and consistent high-definition clarity of details. Other striking features are automatic low-light correction (can adapt to the indoor lighting) and Play and Plug compatibility.
  • This Webcam is best in the range with microphone and audio processing chip. This means that you can eliminate the annoying background noises and make your streaming, meeting, video chatting, and gaming experience all worth it. Also, enjoy the wide-angle camera angle (up to 90 degrees).

    How to insert/install CASE U’s webcam

    CASE U’s webcams are pretty convenient to put to use. You can start using these through a connection via USB. For better clarity, read the following steps for installation of webcam on your PC:

  • Turn on your PC first then fit the USB link into an accessible USB port on your PC. USB ports are on the rear of the PC or the sides of a PC so you can check all around the places for the right USB port.
  • Place the webcam on your PC using the adjustable clip. The best area to mount the webcam is at the head of your PC screen. Keep the camera side in front of your face.
  • Adjust the tallness of the device as per your face or sitting position. Keep the webcam on the head of the screen and change the brace or angle as wanted.
  • If after inserting the USB link, you fail to get the connection, then it might be because of software issues. In this case, download the latest software of windows/IOS on your PC.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to select the right webcam for home?
  • Each of the categories HW1, HW2 and HW3 are perfect for home usage. If you want to use the webcam for personal reasons and not professional reasons, then we suggest you to try HW2 webcam. For working professionals, or students studying online courses (or teachers taking classes, etc.), we recommend the better version of webcam i.e., HW1
  • What is better to use a webcam or a camera?
  • Webcam is a specialized device that has been designed for video streaming, video conferencing, and other activities such as watch on babies and pets while you are away. Also, a webcam is more affordable than a professional camera so why not invest wisely in the right kind of device?


    Let’s Conclude:

    Webcams are usually better than your regular screen devices that allow for standard video streaming. Communicating through webcam is like a visual treat so buy this versatile device for your home or office use. CASE U has an assortment of Webcams to choose from, all within different price ranges. Explore the best option for you from our website or at Amazon India now!
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    If you are making a long run purchase, then you can choose anyone from these models for PC/laptop/Mac, as they are convenient to carry and also have additional thread to keep your webcam steady. Explore CASE U’s webcam range now!

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